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Training & Development

Our Training and Development programmes have been devised to ensure that all of our Team Members have the necessary skills to carry out your maintenance jobs efficiently and professionally. Our skills training is rigorous and thorough and is a combination of classroom based theory learning, practical workshops and web based learning. We want every Team Member to develop their own career and we provide all of the resources they need to do this. Each new starter will work with a Mentor initially and have a week by week training schedule. Our training on Customer Care skills and Service Excellence is extensive and we encourage all Team members to complete a recognised qualification within their first year with us.  Our Health and Safety training is first class. We ensure that we have a safe working environment for all Team members, our customers and the public. From Day 1, each Team member knows that they are responsible for health and safety at all times, and are given the necessary training to achieve this.

Our Management staff receive additional management training including coaching and developing other Team members, managing health and safety, and consistent service delivery.

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